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Club Lacrosse Programs

Club Name

General Area Served


Westford Players Enrolled


Southern NH



Boston North


Bay State Bullets

Metro West


Mass Elite

Metro West/South



Central Mass


3d Lacrosse

Metro West


Revolution Lacrosse

Metro West/South


Dual State Lacrosse

Northern MA/Southern NH


Storm Club Lacrosse

Northern MA/Southern NH



If your daughter has a passion for the sport of Lacrosse and wants to be engaged with the sport year-round or even just segments of the season, Club Lacrosse can provide additional opportunities for skill development and play.  Club Teams are managed usually by former players at the collegiate level who have an unwavering desire to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of players.  They certainly possess the coaching ability, technical expertise and experience to take individuals to the next level of play.

Above is a short list of club programs that we are aware of.  While this is not the entire list, it does represent some of the more established programs and clubs closer to the area. 

While there are many teams, they are not all alike.  Each one brings their own style of coaching and vision.  If you are interested, I encourage you to reach-out to the different teams and have frank discussions with the Team’s coaching staff.

For the most part, club programs are structured to avoid conflict with the spring lacrosse season and Westford has no affiliation with any program.